Libra Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Weekly Libra

21 to August 27

Put others first, regardless of the cost to you. The solar Eclipse is challenging your humanitarian instincts. Do you walk the way, as the talk does? If not, start now. It's not about what you say, it's about what you do.

On Monday 21 of August, a rare and powerful second new Moon of Leo lands in its eleventh collaborative house, revealing new potential members for Team Libra. It is a supercharged solar eclipse, which will influence this area of ​​life during the next six months. Wherever you go, you will find like-minded spirits, who will keep you motivated. But even as you get closer with your bright new friends, be careful not to ignore your trusted team. They are the ones who are always there for you, and some of them could be hurt by their disturbing affection for new arrivals "at random". Since the eleventh house also governs all things of technology, this new moon is the perfect message to catch up with your devices, operating systems, software and storage system! If you do not have backup in several places, do it immediately. (And if you are not sure of the best way to achieve it, hire a professional to do the real work and teach you how to continue the DIY.) For the geeky types who are far ahead of that game, what the big idea that Has it been Wanting to leave the earth, alone or with a development team? With your ruler, social Venus, entering this kingdom on Saturday (until the September 19), you will be able to attract a perfect partner to complement your skill set and introduce you to some power brokers. Do not sit in this, Libra. Take it one step further and see if it is salable. You could end up with a legitimate moonlight launch corresponding to the next January 31, which turns out to be a "manifesting" lunar eclipse.

Tuesday kicks off in the final chapter of their annual solar year, so roll up your sleeves and step into your annual psychic cleansing mission to the twelfth house. On September 22, the Sun will explode in Libra, starting its astrological New Year, and you'll want to start with a clean slate. But that means attacking NOW all those cobwebs and spots that have been holding you back for the past eleven months. Take a firm look at the things you need to free from your life in order to bold step into your new life. Have you been "taking it out" with certain relationships for a sense of duty or thinking that they could change? Have you got wisdom to an inner saboteur who keeps spoiling things just as you are about to reach a new climax? This kind of work is not always possible to do on your own, so consider working with a therapist or energy healer. You can also try some Feng Shui magic in your home. The first step is always to clear the mess so that you know what you have to work with. You can read some basic tips and download a bagua map online and then make some arrangements to remove the locks. Or you could hire a professional organizer or Feng Shui expert to do it exactly.

On Friday, the communication mess of the past few months was clarified when Saturn ends a frustrating retrograde in Sagittarius and his expressive third house that began the April 6. You have a path with the words, Libra, but during this bumpy cycle, some of your feelings may have been lost in translation. He may also have experienced tension in relationships with a brother, neighbor or friend, and it may have been impossible to get back in sync. Do not wait for them to make an overture. Take the high road and start a conversation that does not stop at what did or did not happen. Practical Saturn can help you start peace negotiations, and gives you the backbone to maintain your ground if necessary. The bottom line, which nobody has to say to a Libra, is that you want to end with an agreement in which neither party has to make too many sacrifices.

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