The Signs of the Zodiac and its Psychology

The Signs of the Zodiac and its Psychology

The signs of the zodiac represent the totality of universal energy. The evolution of the particular energy in each of its phases is reflected in the journey of the zodiac, from its birth (Aries) to its dissolution (Pisces).

Talking about signs is talking about the energy of life: create, stabilize, exchange; the warrior, the philosopher, the diplomat; the dynamic, the static, etc.
The psychology of each sign of the zodiac - and its characteristics - is the reaction of the collective and particular human psyche to the corresponding energy or sign.

Signs of the zodiac

Each person is in tune with certain energies or signs more than with others, although we all have in essence the entire zodiacal mandala.

It is the Planets - our psychic functions and filters of consciousness of reality - that make us identify with concrete Signs, in such a way that we take the characteristics of that archetypal energy.

The most emphasized signs in our Natal Chart speak of our genetic or hereditary disposition, our innate character, our needs, our inner motivations, our particular way of being.

If the energy of the signs of the zodiac of the Astral Chart finds adequate expression in the external world, it affects us positively in all fields of our life, be it work, emotional relationships ... or even in our personal activities such as sports competition, play in casinos, poker, or hobbies.

How we handle that energy depends on us. In our will lies the power to become aware of all our zodiacal energy, to make it flow through the structure of aspects, and to feel complete, or to remain, on the contrary, in a primary state repressing parts of us.


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