Pisces horoscope today | 08 / 07 / 2017

Pisces can be calm today, since it will be a quiet day full of positive messages.

Horoscope of Pisces today

08 / 07 / 2017

With the Moon, once again transiting your eleventh house of friendship and being in the company of powerful and transforming Pluto, your feelings for friends and your emotional responses to life in general are deeper and more intense. The need to share, give and receive love, and be accepted and loved is very strong. You now have the opportunity to see what prevents you from being very close to others, perhaps a forgotten pain or hidden resentment and get rid of it by bringing it to light or simply letting it go. Try not to "try to try" too much, as this may have the reverse effect of attracting quality people in your life.

Pisces can be calm today, since it will be a quiet day full of positive messages.
You are totally receptive to the good things in life, so take advantage of the day observing everything around you, you could find good advice or meet a new person where you least expect it.
If you live near the sea, a walk along the beach will be a good way to end the day, encourage yourself to do so.
A friend will look for you to talk at length about a situation that worries you, listen to your problems and give advice based on your experience, it will be very useful.
If you have finished with your partner a short time ago, there are possibilities of resuming conversations today.
If you feel that there is no longer love and you are looking for new directions, it is time to go back out, since you are at a good time to meet someone new.

Daily meditation: Learn to smile in every situation. See this as an opportunity to test your strength and ability. - Joe Brown

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