Pisces horoscope today | 10 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

10 / 08 / 2017

It is very likely that you can restore balance, but the first step towards balance is your own mental and emotional stability, which can be challenged by the conjunction of the Moon with your ruling planet Neptune today. You can meet people who inspire you to do things differently, such as traveling and investigating the true reason for living and because this is in keeping with your essential nature from which you will obtain great knowledge and satisfaction from it. There may be a power play that surrounds this idea of ​​reconstruction so you will have to negotiate with your work colleagues a little more intelligently and not show all your letters in advance.

Prepare to have some intense dreams, whether you are sleeping or awake. Focus on your work can be a battle lost today, unless your work is based on imaginative flights of fantasy. In that case, you are standing to create some incredible works of art under the current influence. But if you have a tedious project in your agenda, you can make a brave effort to address it, only to find your thoughts drifting repeatedly.

Pisces today experiences a difficult time in love, perhaps the memories of the past are entering strongly into your life and this you will feel today.

If this happens and you are meeting someone new, do not be unfair to that person and tell them the truth, it is useless to get away and hurt someone who has nothing to do with your previous history.

Those who have a partner will receive a rumor that will make them doubt about their relationship, try not to believe in this and ask your loved one directly about the veracity of this supposed fact that you have not checked.

Possible temptations could come to your life, probably in the workplace, so if you have a commitment try to stay in one line, do not do something you would not want to do to you.

The work will have complications, possible fights with a co-worker or a boss.

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