Pisces horoscope today | 26 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

26 / 08 / 2017

Pisces today finding meaning in your life, discovering your purpose and the reason you are doing the things you are doing will take up a lot of your mind at the moment, although that may not be too easy to do given the difficult planetary patterns of Mars , north node, mercury And the sun. This could lead you to ask where you are and even move in the direction of some new form of study or trip to expand your vision of your own personal universe and all this is great, but it should not happen at the behest of others. Rather your decisions should be based on your own research rather than what is expected of you.

Your connections with friends and family take more depth and meaning today. Its intuitive nature is even more acute than usual. You can read other people like a book. It can be said when someone feels lonely or needy, even if they do not breathe a word of their feelings. And your emotions do not scare you. You need other people too. So get there and make the connection of all the important ones. Strengthen your link

Pisces today Venus enters Leo proud and his house of work and well-being. In the coming weeks, there could be improvements in your work environment and friendlier relationships with your co-workers. The projects that you feel particularly passionate about are likely to go smoothly. If you are unemployed, this is an ideal time to look for a new job, as it could attract a position that you like. This area also regulates well-being, which is why it is a good time to improve your diet and exercise plans to adapt to your current and objective needs. This energy empowers you to cultivate beauty from the inside out!

Pisces today good day for you, you are in a very good work and student moment, so if you are faced with a difficult test, you will be able to overcome the issue without major difficulties.

A person who is watching you will give you one last chance to go out with her, she will not tell you that way, but you will be able to see or read her in her way of telling you, think well if you are going to say no, you could regret tomorrow decision and it will be too late to recover the contact.

You are feeling physically weak and it is feeling on your face, take care of it using moisturizers and astringent lotions to clean it.

A very dear person will give you an advice in love because of an experience he had recently, it will serve your current situation in this area, do not let him absorb your work, dedicate time to the couple.

Daily Meditation: A heart has problems that the mind can not understand. - Santosh Kalwar

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