#Piscis 14 / 03 / 2017

#Piscis 14 / 03 / 2017

#General: Maybe you should postpone your dreams of taking a long vacation for now, and the celestial configuration practically guarantees that at this moment you will not be able to set a date again. A tense situation at work may require your presence, or perhaps a family member needs you. Even so, do not be discouraged! Go ahead with your plans, which will eventually come true. The current aspect does not deny, but only delays.

#Love: Today is a day of opportunities, but it is your decision whether you accept them or not. Each opportunity will not be successful, but they will not all fail. A lot depends on where you have your head. Choose carefully and there will always be more opportunities.

#Profession: You may have the perfect solution to the career dilemmas of all others, but do you have a viable solution for yours? Concentrate your energy on your own problems instead of investing so much time in solving all the others.

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