#Piscis 28 / 02 / 2017

#Piscis 28 / 02 / 2017

#General: Have you been trying to distance yourself from the neighborhood and the social atmosphere in which you grew up? Today, the planetary configuration will make you think about what you can give back to society. Some of your ideas may seem like utopias, but they can, nonetheless, be useful for you and others for years to come.

#Love: You can play it safe and be evasive, after all that is your nature, or you can use the force of the planets to overcome your limits and take your relationship to a whole new level. It really depends on you; all the planets can do is help infuse you with the energy you need to go in the right direction.

#Profession: Allow yourself to dream. Find a creative solution to the problems you face today. With the already known methods you will get the known results. This is the right time to implement new formulas. Having a complete overview will help you clarify your search.

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