Pisces horoscope today | 01 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

01 / 09 / 2017

Pisces today do not lose your cool today with friends, especially if you project that you are trying to dominate and persuade you to think differently. Remember, everything happens in your own good time, but convincing them of this may be the most difficult task you have today. You can be decisive, persuasive and make demands without being too hard maybe you are waiting for others to be as complacent of their opinions as they are of them. You need to use a bit of reverse psychology here and for the sake of keeping the peace you could try to agree with them, even if in your heart of hearts you realize that that is not the way for you.

Minor concerns may grow out of proportion today, but you do not have to give in to this fearful prospect. Applaud yourself for worrying, and then do something about it. Remember that you have great control over the state of affairs in your life. Make plans to rectify any situation that is not personally satisfactory, Pisces. You can make great progress in your problems now.

Today Pisces obsessive thinking is your challenge today. A Moon-Pluto conjunction can cause your mind to take an endless tortuous path around a problem you are struggling with. However, trying to solve it intellectually will not help you solve it. The Moon, which governs emotions, is traveling through its sector of the intellect. This indicates that becoming aware of your feelings and those of the other people involved will bring the ideas you need to deal with the problem effectively. Pluto will provide help by enhancing its ability to get to the true source of the problem. Investigating the psychological elements involved will deepen your understanding.

Pisces today a painful moment may be affecting your life and yours, it is time to start to pass over it, you need to have more time to heal the wounds of the people you love, you have the wisdom and courage to do so.

Pisces is experiencing certain changes in love and in his personality, he could realize that the person he is with is not what he needs, if this happens to you you should always go with the truth and not let the other suffer, if the situation it happens the other way around, which is likely, it takes a while to recover and be alone, do not ever stop believing in love, if it is not now, it will be later.

The work presents challenges that you may not be able to overcome, try to make your best effort, if you receive a bad evaluation or you are disconnected from it, it is time to look for something new and better.

Daily Meditation: The defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it. Joe Clark

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