Pisces horoscope today | 11 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

11 / 09 / 2017

Pisces Today Your desire for a new lifestyle is out of sync with what you can afford today so you need to be a little more economical and stress that the dollar as much as possible. This is making the difference between what you have and what you have not seemed bigger than you thought. This in turn creates more dissatisfaction! What happened to "slow and steady wins the race"? It is better to hone your skills, enjoy what you do and show your experience to the world in a way that guarantees an additional fee for what you do. You must distinguish and differentiate your products, your services and even your personality from others. This can also mean reeducation of yourself, even if only with short courses that can expand your understanding of things.

You are full of restless energy today, and it is difficult to concentrate on the task at hand, let alone make important decisions. If you have a running list to run, it should be fine. You'll even have fun chatting with other people on the pay line at the grocery store. But it could be hard to concentrate on work, unless your only duties are to return emails and phone calls.

Pisces today You are feeling the need for a quiet retreat. Getting cozy in your home would be your first choice, but it is unlikely to happen due to the challenging aspects of Mercury and Mars. A problem with your partner may be short-circuiting your peace of mind. If you are upset, Pisces, you can also go out and say it to clear the air. Or maybe you've taken your work home with you and that is causing you stress. Expressing your feelings will lift the burden on your shoulders. If you are alone, family obligations may be pulling you in too many directions at once. If that is the case, then asking for help should be on today's agenda.

Pisces today Do not let the day-to-day problems make you stop being aware of what happens in your work, in your home and in your relationship.

Stress and problems can not begin to dent your ability to put yourself in the place of others or to pay attention to what you see.

A very good person urgently needs your help and can not wait any longer, today you must go to assist him.

You need to invest money in a property, in something that is your own, think that it is much better to spend your money to pay something that belongs to you, to lose renting something that will never belong to you, look for options today.

You will receive excellent news from someone very important to you, it could be a promotion or a job change, congratulate that person.
Love is very present in your life, you just have to see the signs well.

Daily meditation: The genius is knowing how to remain silent while others demonstrate their ignorance. Eric Lau

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