Pisces horoscope today | 13 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

13 / 09 / 2017

Piscis hoy Su vida familiar podría darle mucha felicidad hoy. Una fiesta u otra ocasión festiva puede ser planeada. Si usted está siendo clasificado para una nueva posición, recuerde que usted necesita para el tamaño de la otra persona también. Es una calle de dos vías, así que no te sientas intimidado por aquellos que parecen más grandes que la vida. La paciencia puede no ser tu mejor virtud hoy. Usted podría tener una carga de trabajo excesiva que le dará un fusible corto. Además de eso, usted necesita lidiar con sus propias emociones en el frente de casa. Cuando se le pide que explique algo por tercera o cuarta vez, puede levantar los brazos en el aire y decir que es suficiente “estoy fuera de aquí”.

The energy that comes from other people mixes with your own today, creating a situation of distraction that could leave you feeling completely worn out at night. There are so many issues to attend to, and so many people to talk along the way! Take several breaks during the day, so you can take deep breaths and rejuvenate your energy. This will help you stay focused on an otherwise scattered day.

Pisces today The Sun in its zone of association against Saturn can reveal a belief, feeling or behavior that impedes its closest relationship (or its ability to connect with someone compatible). Maybe you and your partner are dealing with a relationship problem and feel powerless to solve it. That is the problem with Saturn, it can diminish your optimism and self-esteem. Whether you are paired or alone, getting your mojo back will entail clarifying the problem and taking responsibility (another Saturn lesson) for your part in it. But do not be hard on yourself, Pisces. A relationship is a co-creation, after all. Trusting yourself and your highest guidance will help achieve the best outcome for all involved.

Pisces today It is not time to change jobs or make strong changes in your lifestyle, you need to calm down and take a little distance from strong decisions that could lead you astray at the moment, remember that there are moments and moments in life, you can not always be a person who hits the nail on everything you come up with.

An elderly person will give you a very good recommendation that will be very useful in a longer time, keep this advice and make her feel proud when you are having the success that this person wants for you.

A moment of relaxation for you and your partner will be a high point of the day, you could spend the day or night in a place that both enjoy, you need someone to take away the tension that you are accumulating on your shoulders.

Daily Meditation: What you lack in talent can be done with the desire, the hustle and giving 110% all the time. Don Zimmer

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