Pisces horoscope today | 14 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

14 / 09 / 2017

Pisces today You have a high degree of romantic idealism as the month progresses and this is due to the strong influence of the Moon in your fifth house of love relationships and creative expression. Take the time to show affection to your children if you are a parent and take the phone off the hook so you do not get upset when that blast of creative energy takes hold of you. There is nothing worse than interruptions when you are developing an idea or want to enjoy some personal intimacy with the one you love. You may even be falling in love with an idea at this time and your creativity will be reinforced by your spiritual ideas so be sure to make time.

You can reconnect in some way with your past today. Old photos or letters bring sweet emotions, forgotten for a long time. A phone call from a friend or relative makes you smile, even if it brings a tear to your eye. Life is bittersweet, and today more than ever. But it feels good to become saturated in emotional memories. It makes you feel closer, genuinely connected with your own heart.

Pisces Today Moon in Cancer linked with Neptune in your sign can take your creativity to the next level. You are in tune with the highest inspiration that comes through spiritual forces outside of your consciousness. A peaceful environment that allows you to get in touch with your inner world will deepen those connections. Your greater perception will be transferred to your relationship with a lover and / or child. This is an excellent time for a talk that requires sensitivity or focuses on spirituality, compassion or art. The opposition Moon-Pluto this afternoon may discover an emotion that is hindering the expression of your heart.

Pisces today You are going through a sad moment, but the pain is already beginning to go, now comes the moment of acceptance and you will be very successful in this process, do not stop in the evolution that you are having in this area, it could be that Today you find the answers you were looking for about a doubt you have about what has happened to you.

In life we ​​will always have bad moments and moments that will teach us better who we are and where we are going, do not look at what could have happened to you as something black, try to get the best out of it.

A very dear person could be facing a health problem, you must accompany him today.

You have the possibility to see someone who was very present in your life before, it will be a good meeting to realize how much you have changed over time.

Daily Meditation: A lesson taught with humor is a lesson withheld. - Ruth Westheimer

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