Pisces horoscope today | 23 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

23 / 08 / 2017

Should a "romance" go unnoticed even if it is not a romance as such? You have to be real and accept your feelings for someone now because you can not continue to pretend. What eventual can your world and theirs oscillate, but well, is not this what love is about? That said, the influence of the Moon in your seventh house of relationships today, means that you are being quite emotional rather than rational about love, and marriage issues. Address your problems in the first place from an intellectual perspective. You may also have to disconnect completely from poor spending habits if you want to increase your savings and security in the future. Coughing money can now be difficult due to unforeseen bills and the demands and requests of friends and family.

They challenge you to think more clearly today than you are used to doing. You need to turn a more critical eye into yourself, as well as the people around you. But do not take it too far. Pay attention to your health by eating well, relaxing and doing soothing exercises such as yoga and stretching. A gentle approach goes better with everyone from your best friend to your lover to your boss. Enjoy some quiet time at home, and enjoy the opportunity to catch up with good old-fashioned care.

Pisces today you are in an excellent time to ask for a serious commitment to who you have next, life is well on track and you can feel it, do not stop doing this or that the fear of taking such an important step will stop you.

You are having a special connection with a new person who has entered your life, if you do not have commitment, then it is a good opportunity to better explore this connection and discover if it can reach something more serious or not.

A friend is in need of help of an economic nature and will ask you during the day, it is likely that you can not help him, but what you should do is help him look for options to solve what is causing him a problem.

A person you did not see long ago will be present in your mind today, it could be someone who has a problem, give him a call.

Daily Meditation: It is better not to offer an excuse than a bad one. - George Washington

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