Pisces horoscope today | 23 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

23 / 10 / 2017

Pisces today is the time to reaffirm yourself in what you are doing, since it is the right thing at this precise moment, even if you find people and obstacles in your path, people who tell you that it is not the right thing or that it is not the right way. Your perception and intuition must shine at this moment.

It may end well or badly, but at this moment your intuition tells you that you are on the right track, so you must continue forward, you must increase the momentum and strength, since intuition in a Pisces is always the most powerful weapon to move towards your goals and powerful dreams.

Your encouragement
You must trust yourself and your intuition, despite the sorrows of many people around you who do not see that you are acting the right way or simply envy the drive and courage you are having to pursue your goal at this time. You must trust in yourself and keep going because of many obstacles that you face on your way today.

Your encouragement:

Pisces today your insecurities and poverty of mood will make a dent in the couple, you should let yourself be supported by your partner and loved ones, since you are currently a bit depressed and do not see things objectively in the sentimental field. Take advantage of the mantle that is offered to get out of this pothole.


Pisces today is a time when we may be economically imprisoned, that we do not see the way out of the situation today. Possibly it is only a perception of ours and we do not see beyond the current situation since there is something that does not make us see the rest of the situation. Calm down and you will surely find the way out of this mess.


Pisces today is a day in which maintaining balance in the workplace is important, since sometimes we are forced to juggle between maintaining work and personal life in a balanced way. Possibly there are several changes in the work that make us lose that balance, but we must continue to maintain them in spite of everything so that it does not affect us later.

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