Pisces horoscope today | 24 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

24 / 10 / 2017

Pisces today you may find yourself somewhat exhausted since you are probably not feeding as well as you expect. That is causing you physical and mental discomfort and you do not find yourself with enough energy with which you are characterized.

Try to control your nutrition, as it is the basis of our energy intake, be aware of what you eat and take, give it the real value that each food deserves and try to correct a bit the excesses and lack of food that you have had lately.

This also refers to spiritual nourishment, so keep these recommendations in mind and think a little about what really feeds you in the spirit as well and try to replenish that nourishment as well.

Your encouragement
Your mood is linked to the nutritional state, lately you have neglected the physical and spiritual nutrition and your body is resenting. Value more what you eat and keep in mind that all these excesses of the last days are making a dent, beyond what you really believe.

Your encouragement:

Pisces today distrusts the advice that an older woman can give you about your relationship or possible relationship, because even though that woman demonstrates security and self-confidence, she can bring hidden intentions that will not arise until later. You should also bear in mind that your partner may be in a stage which shows more attraction than usual and can harass you a bit on the sexual level.


Pisces today you may find yourself with valuable advice from an older woman who tries to protect you knowing what she is doing. It is a person who lives comfortably and tries to cover your back a little, so take advantage of the advice I give you, as they will prove to be of extreme value.


Pisces today you will find that you can be the center of attention without wanting to. You will be somewhat restless and enigmatic for others, who will not hesitate to come to you in search of knowledge. You will be challenging before the challenges and this may scare the rest somewhat, but your excessive confidence today will make you push the situations in the work to the limit.

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