Pisces horoscope today | 26 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

26 / 10 / 2017

You have to make the decision and the clear direction, and step by step go the way to reach the goal. Intervene in the facts with will and calmness.

Pisces today should be more incisive in terms of decision making is concerned. You are required at this time to be clear and concise as to the direction you want to take and do not go with your habitual hesitations. You must remain at this time calm and willing to make the right decision.

People want to follow you, at this moment they see you as a leader that you can trust and give your heart to their hearts because they feel sheltered in you, so above all be calm, have a decision, have strength and meditate deeply to take without hesitation the decision, the others will endorse you by giving it as adequate.

Your encouragement
It is not a moment of hesitation, people want your address to follow you, so at the same time that you must be firm in your decisions and mark the way forward, you must also have the courage to make those decisions your own strength and embark on Follow your own words and actions. You may be surprised to see how far they send you. Go ahead and take the step forward with determination.

Your encouragement:

Today Pisces probably today you find with your partner a barrier of what you have been indoctrinated since childhood, perhaps through a religious teaching, taboos or some issue that right now are preventing you from fully enjoying your partner. You should review your scale of values ​​and see if they really fit the spirit of the moment, both sexually and on a scale of values ​​of what is understood today as a couple. Your partner will appreciate, even if it is, that you raise it.


Pisces today you will have the feeling that money is out of your hands, when in reality you know that it is not a real sensation and you are being rather stingy and somewhat miserly at this moment. Now you are possibly in a good economic moment and it is not necessary to look at every penny that goes out or enters the house, so allow yourself to be a little lighter when doing the accounts as it could harm the good atmosphere that exists in the home.


Pisces today there may be a murky environment in the work area, since the people around you will tend to have a good face, good lipstick to say things and sweeten one's ears by saying exactly what you want to hear. But above all keep alert, since more than one will tell you things with ulterior motives to obtain a personal benefit based on the answers you can get or false promises.

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