Pisces horoscope today | 27 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

27 / 08 / 2017

Pisces today a romantic or platonic relationship may experience difficulties now. A companion, friend or lover may be indifferent to their attempts to maintain peaceful, harmonious and discord-free relationships. Conflicts of interest and desires are more evident and perceptible in their close relationships. There are likely to be mixed messages in your communications during this period of time. You are one step ahead of yourself today in measuring a situation. You will have to be involved before you fully understand it. Showing gratitude to someone is an excellent icebreaker, especially if things have become tense. You may feel physically tired but this is not a permanent thing.

Many people are able to get very intense today in their feelings, behavior and self-expression. But you do not care about all the emotional upheaval. You have a lot of compassion for anyone who feels upset. You can see the anger of the past to the wound or loneliness that lies behind it. This is a real gift, Pisces. It allows you to reach someone instead of lashing them.

Pisces today your inner guide is active today. In reality, you always have access to the guidance of your higher self, spiritual guides and other positive forces at work in your life. It is only focusing on the details of your daily life can hijack your awareness of the guidance available to you. That is true for almost everyone on the planet. For today, however, taking the time to get in touch with your feelings can illuminate the next step in your spiritual growth. You can also receive information about a problem you are dealing with or a dream you are pursuing. Having faith in your ability to obtain the knowledge you seek will be part of the process.

Pisces today rumors and harmful comments from other people could come to jeopardize your relationship, do not let this happen, the person next to you deserves your trust, if you notice something strange in it, you should ask him with sincerity what is the problem, if He tells you that everything is fine, then he trusts more.

A new person could arrive at your place of work, if you find yourself without a partner, it could be someone with whom you make a good friend and become something more in the future, enjoy this new adventure.

An old man wants to offer you a job, if you already have one, evaluate the situation and start thinking about the consequences that you would have when you changed jobs.

It is a day to reflect and realize who your true friends are and who is not, you can not always trust everyone so much nor give all the details of your life to anyone.

Daily Meditation: If you are working on something that really matters to you, you do not have to be pushed. The vision attracts you. - Steve's works

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