Pisces horoscope today | 30 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Pisces today

30 / 08 / 2017

Pisces today A boss can offer you something, just to go behind on your word or with a partial misunderstanding. This is not uncommon under Mercury's setback that is currently influencing their negotiations. You may feel disappointed by this turn of events, but ignore it. You can find an enemy on your own terms today and patch up a long-standing problem. This individual has information that can meet some of their professional requirements. You have a tendency to be exaggerated when talking to others or not showing enough subjection in certain situations. New protocols will be implemented at work soon.

It's hard to believe how fast the years go by, right? Do not spend too much time today worrying about where the time goes. Family and friends will join you soon, and you want to be ready with your usual charm, hospitality and sensitivity. Make it a point to reach those who are far from home. Extend your hand to make them feel welcome.

Pisces today an unexpected vision or opportunity can take you by surprise. A lucky link that involves your career and areas of money can lead to a person or situation that will be instrumental in advancing your career. You will have to pay attention to your instincts to access the intuitive guide available to you. For example, you may experience a sudden desire to participate in a group activity, where you will meet someone in your field who can help you. It is about taking advantage of what is presented to you. You can also be inspired to develop a skill that uses more of your intellectual capacity or creativity.

Pisces today you understand reality well and you are taking into account that you can not always trust everyone, since you do not know their true intentions, do not take this to the extreme, always with caution, but also giving your heart and all your kindness whenever necessary and feel that it must be like this.

Someone you are meeting a short time ago will give you an unpleasant surprise, it could be that you discover something of your life that you did not know, if it is necessary, ask why you have hidden that and look well at your eyes when you get your answer, you might discover that It is about someone trying to hurt you.

In love you have the opportunity to meet someone today, but it is very likely that they are not looking for the same.

A new job could be very positive for your life, an offer will come today, think about whether to accept or not.

Daily Meditation: Believing in negative thoughts is the biggest obstruction to success. - Charles F. Glassman

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