Horoscope weekend Pisces | 1 to the September 3

Horoscope weekend Pisces

September 1 to 3

You have a lot on your plate with work or an important personal project and stress could be taking its toll. At the same time, your efforts can lead to an unusual opportunity or financial reward. Find a way to integrate self-care into your program so you have the energy and stamina you need to move forward. Being more pleasant to co-workers or other cohorts could help. You need all the support you can muster, so do not take your frustrations on the people around you. Certain people are capable of being more useful than you think. You just have to approach them the right way.

You will spend time with your loved ones as it is the last time you will see before leaving in a six-month stay through the mountains of Tibet with little or no Internet access and nothing more than a knife and a backpack of the essentials.

You are acting as the next trip that you are going to test your mettle in ways that have not been tested before and that will come off the grid, because it is the only way to perfect and achieve what you need. The people around you are finding this side of you very intense, and they do not know, if they believe that they will not see you until the holidays, or not? The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday.

The Pisces will not end up feeling comfortable with life and that something has happened to them that they are somewhat worried. Whatever it is, it is something important, because Pisces are people who usually have very clear ideas and rarely feel disoriented. Now, the case is different, and they should take advantage of the weekend to find the best solution for them.

Pisces who have a partner are going to make a big mistake in taking this person away from their lives at this time. They do not want to worry this person, but by not telling them what is happening, they are losing points of view that could be of great help to them.

Ascendant: You will not leave until December, right?

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