Pisces Monthly Horoscope | August 2017

The month will be quite disastrous for the Neptunians and at the same time agitated in several stages. The still waters often hide underground eddies.

Horoscope Monthly Pisces

August 2017

The month of August is going to be an exciting time full of adventure, Pisces. Be flexible this month and watch your life light up for the better. If you are in a serious relationship, you must make an effort to put all the things together. Go to a place where you've never been before - it can be as simple as trying a new restaurant. This will inject a new element of emotion into your lives. The alignment of the planets in your letter indicates that you can have the opportunity to embark on a joint business or creative business along with your love. Teamwork will be key in this matter. As you allow each other to grow and develop on this journey together, you will have a new mutual respect, Pisces.

Pisces bachelor, as the full moon rises the August 7, get ready for some encounters and flirting. Love is in the air this month and you'll be ready to leave the bachelor life and go out and get married. This month will open a new world of possibilities for you, especially when the new moon rises the August 21. An interesting new person appears strongly on your chart this month. This could involve someone at work or someone new within your social circle, so be open to the possibilities. Love can be hidden in the most unlikely places, so keep your eyes open and pick up any subtle suggestions that others may be giving you, Pisces.

The month will be quite disastrous for the Neptunians and at the same time agitated in several stages. The still waters often hide underground eddies.

His warm and harmless humor will be transformed due to Martian influence, cold and detached. The aspects of Neptune will connect the most typical Pisces with attractive and seductive people, who will drag them to live exciting and quite explosive situations, which will attack the well-being and the solidity of already established relationships. Its sea of ​​calm waters could become a tsunami due to the oppositions that Venus and Mars will make in the first part of the month.

The Piscians who live a double affective life, will see how their so precious home tranquility collapses in an instant. Bear in mind that it is not easy for the Fishes to swim against the current, in this month you will not only find it difficult, but impossible. Throughout the month, because of Martian hostility, your piranha share will shine on you, since Pisces is a double sign.

Normally sweetness is its most remarkable characteristic, but under the sharp rays of Mars it will abruptly express its internal feelings and this will not favor it in the least. In adverse moments you should gather your good mood, the music will relieve your tense nerves and so you can face the problems with greater optimism. If you are a Fish that decided to swim in favor of the current, without striving to cling to your illusions and dreams devoid of a firm base, you will overcome planetary hostilities without too many setbacks and difficulties.

Otherwise, you will face endless setbacks and difficulties that will only produce in you dissatisfaction and anguish.

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