Pisces monthly horoscope | Julio 2017

Venus will help you to live extremely positive moments in love. There will be no lack of dialogue or understanding; the desire to make plans together will arise

Horoscope monthly Pisces

July 2017

This month would be Saturn's witness transiting to the ninth house 9 of your moon sign, which would increase your quotient of fortune. With minimal efforts, you can get great benefits. Your father would be by your side and you will feel his affection for you growing day by day. You could win a property, car, or land in this month. You will outperform your rivals. You will be blessed with new focus and determination, which would increase your efficiency at work. By being in shape, you will be able to have a clear mind and a clear thought process. The students will be able to obtain good grades in the studies. The transit of Jupiter in the seventh house would grant you a perfect well-being. You will keep in shape and will fight all the ailments that may arise in your way. It will tilt you toward spirituality; Success with the brothers is likely. Your mother is advised to take care of her health, since the planet Mars and the Sun would move towards your fourth house. You could consider asking for a loan for a car, land, or property. There is likely to be a conflict regarding property by inheritance. Be cautious and watch while driving. You would lean towards spiritual enlightenment. You could join with a spiritual organization or an association.

Venus will help you to live extremely positive moments in love. There will be no lack of dialogue or understanding; the desire to make plans together and face new activities until yesterday postponed will arise.

The romanticism that characterizes the Fishes will tend to transform into exuberant passion, due to the rays of Mars and Pluto. For this reason, they will live a glorious stage in intimacy. The most audacious Fishes will feel that the spirit of Casanova seizes them and they will not hesitate a second to launch themselves into intense and sensual adventures, although those who have a formal relationship can put it in danger.

Even the most timid and withdrawn Piscians will want to taste the flavor of the risk and leave the doubts and temores for another time. Fortunately, the planets will be benevolent and will make them emerge safe and sound from the most daring adventures and that the consequences of their pranks will not be greater. But the strong astral protection will end in the middle of the month; For this reason, when they want to launch into some kind of infidelity or want to start a relationship, remember the story of Cinderella: the fairy godmother gave permission only until midnight.

The planets will only protect their backs with great force until the 13 day. As for work or professional activities, the month can be quite good, as long as you do not get carried away by anxiety and hasty judgments. From the 27, redo-blen their efforts to act with moderation and patience.

Listen carefully to others and be particularly cautious with their opinions. The time will come to act with greater spontaneity. In health, there will be no major complications.

From the 23 onwards digestive or hepatic discomforts may appear, but with a good diet and a less hectic life they will be overcome immediately.

Lucky days: 16, 21, 25, 30

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