#Piscis June 2017

#General: The Full Moon of the June 9 illuminates your public image and your professional plans.

#Piscis June 2017

#General: The full moon of the June 9 illuminates your public image and your professional plans. No matter how tentative or incomplete an offer or opportunity may be, you can perceive what is really happening and can relate well with the people involved. Use all your intuition, instinct and impulse. Neptune becomes retrograde in Pisces the 16 of June. Now, feelings and dreams flow more deeply and more strongly. The New Moon of the June 23 reminds you that you must have a great time. Your happiness will be contagious, and people will want to follow your example. Do something radically different and do not think too much.

Best days: 11, 22, 24

Worst days: 8, 26

#Amor Singles: An emotional transition occurs when Mars leaves Gemini to enter sensitive Cancer. You crave the emotional comfort of a committed relationship, so the loves of one night and unattached relationships are simply not your style at this time. The opposition between the Sun and Saturn from the June 15 brings many old memories to the foreground. If you do not learn from the negative romantic experiences of the past, you can condemn yourself to repeat the painful process over and over again. The trine that Venus forms with Pluto the June 24 opens the doors for growth. When you look for new relationships, try to find people to help you conquer your fears and overcome your complexes.

#Amor Couple: Mars leaves Gemini to enter the 4 Cancer in June, which highlights how emotional you really are. In general you are not the most demanding person, but right now you need intimate pampering and conversations. Immediately. Pay special attention to what happens during the opposition between the Sun and Saturn the June 15, because repeating a miserable romantic experience is not fun. Once you learn the lesson, you do not want to go through that again. The trine that Pluto forms with Venus the 24 of June facilitates that you can do what you want with your partner, but luckily you do not pretend to abuse your powers of persuasion. Anyway, it's nice to know how much he adores you.

#Job: Taking responsibility for an important decision is very important for your professional success. You will be asked to defend some elections taken at the beginning of June. By carefully explaining why you made a particular decision, you will maintain the trust and respect of your superiors. On the other hand, playing the blame game could affect your reputation. Towards the end of June, you will receive an exciting project. People in positions of power have tremendous confidence in your creative abilities. Giving an innovative twist to an old tradition will be very successful. It is possible to show respect for traditions and, at the same time, forge a new path.

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