#Piscis March 2017

#Piscis March 2017

#General: Let yourself be carried away by your dreams when the Sun conjuncts with Neptune the March 1. It will not hurt you to remember your most intense desires. The Full Moon of the March 12 focuses attention on your love life. You look phenomenal and irresistible at this time, no matter how you feel inside. Smile and let love do its magic in everything you say and do. Your financial situation may improve as the New Moon approaches the March 27. Maybe a retribution that you expected some time ago and a considerable reimbursement will materialize. Or you may receive an increase in your salary. You do not need to spend more money, but you may. In any case, look for ways in which money flows in your favor.

#Amor Singles: The bright Sun in Pisces meets Neptune, your ruling planet, the March 1, which is a fantastic way to start the month. You have a lot of love to give and the right person will see it immediately. Mercury leaves the quiet Pisces and hits the introverted Aries the March 13, which drastically changes the way you communicate. On the one hand, you are able to approach people you would not normally approach, but on the other hand, you may lose a bit of your grace and charm. Find a balance. The New Moon in Aries of the March 27 reminds you that there is no time like the present. Stop putting romance on hold.

#Amor Couple: The Sun in your sign meets Neptune, your ruling planet, the March 1. Receive a double dose of creativity, sensitivity and the other great qualities that the Fish brings is a great way to start the month in terms of romance. Mercury leaves your modest sign for the fiery Aries the March 13 and your voice is heard louder than ever. This may open your eyes to your partner if he does not usually hear you express your opinions or speak without a filter. The New Moon in Aries of the March 27 indicates that it is a good time to start making plans, so stop wasting time. Dreams can come true.

#Job: An unsatisfactory business deal will come to an end in mid-March. You will like to get away from an unpleasant labor society or an unfair agreement. Try not to give up a job to start immediately with another. Maybe it's better to work on your own until September. The March 27 brings with it an intriguing opportunity to make money on your own. Do not hesitate to venture into unknown territory. Learning a new job or expanding your skills will be extremely profitable. Do not underestimate your ability to master innovative technology and complicated software. You learn fast and you have a great capacity for concentration.

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