Pisces Monthly Horoscope | October 2017

Horoscope Monthly Pisces

October 2017

The slump ends and consolidates an improvement that has taken, but that seems to be maintained over time. Those of the sign Pisces have been experiencing positive changes over the past weeks, and with the October entry, all the good is going to strengthen to consolidate a comeback that will make you very happy. Pisces are supportive, think a lot about others and are very sensitive, but there are also times when they must take care of themselves and fight for what they deserve, and above all to stabilize their lives.

Pisces October 2017

The most important thing is that the Pisces seem to have finally found the peace and balance they wanted and that they were denied, thus getting a good few weeks ahead in which they must recover their life and order it as they like. Discover what lies in health, love, money and work in the month of October of 2017 if you are Pisces.

You already know that health is the most important thing we have. If we feel good and we are well, both physically and psychologically, we will have the opportunity to change what we do not like about our life, or to live with joy what we do like about it. You've had a tough season, but lately you've been finding yourself better, except for some ailments, more important in the case of the older Pisces, but you're getting better and wanting to enjoy all the good things that surround you. Fortunately, it's a lot. Nerves and stomach discomforts are left behind. At last you have freed yourself from what oppressed you and you are eager to face what comes, because what does not kill you makes you stronger, and in your case, fortunately, you have become stronger with the sticks of life.

You will feel good throughout the month You will feel good throughout the month
Thus, you will feel good throughout the month of October on both the physical and psychological levels, the one that sometimes we do not give the importance it deserves, when it has it, and a lot. Your mood is going to be good, and more especially for the Pisces of the Southern Hemisphere, since in the tenth month of the year is already fully established in the fall, a stage that seems that sometimes they like it more than counts. the heat of summer. The only thing that could be considered negative is that you may have a tendency to suffer from a mild to moderate headache, but perhaps caused by not taking a break when you need more than anything else. It's good that you have energy, good humor and you have gone through a bad spell, but be careful to get out of line or end up paying.

The heart has given you some dislikes a while back. You have gone through a bad stage and your partner has suffered with you what happened to you, which has sometimes weakened the relationship, especially among Pisces who have chosen as a companion or life partner a sign that is not very compatible, as occurs with Capricorn, Virgo or even Pisces themselves, who may not be the best companions and companions for those born between February 20 and March 20. Now the bad times are gone and the thing goes back, but neither is expected in the month of October to live a honeymoon, but it will intensify the reconstruction of the couple, which will return just as it was before Pisces It would come down. What will cost more is normal sexuality, since in the tenth month of the year, those of this sign will not be especially comfortable yet, which should be communicated to the couple so that they do not worry excessively. Anyway, Pisces, you have to go ahead and open yourself totally to the man with the woman with whom you share your life.

October will be a sentimental rebirth
As for the Pisces who do not have a relationship but who are not closed to having one at some point in their lives, October will mean a rebirth in which it is not so much sex that they seek, but to find support to continue . Those of this sign are already eager to find a person with whom to share their existence, although they are afraid that what comes to them does not satisfy them or that those people do not want them more than to have sex. In this way, you have to think about whether you are open or open to love, but you should know that perhaps who appears in your life or in your bed does not want anything else. Go with caution, but do not close the door, and above all enjoy what comes without stress. You have the right to be happy, and you know it.

In economic matters you feel encouraged or encouraged to invest your money in a product that gives you profitability. If your decision is unmovable, the stars will not take away the idea of ​​the head unless they had seen the disaster, which is not the case. What you should do is go to your bank and see what options there are for your money to grow, although you have to be clear that if you bet on fixed income, you will have peace of mind, but you will earn little, and if you opt for the rent variables, it is possible that your assets increase, but luck may not always accompany you and lose some money. Ask yourself before investing: How much are you willing to earn? And to lose?

At work there will be no big changes
At work you will not have excessive changes, as in previous weeks. The worst thing that you had from your job was that you were not comfortable with yourself or with yourself, and therefore you were not happy with what you did. Overcome the pothole, you'll even enjoy your professional life and you'll realize that you're actually fine. Is it the perfect job? Probably not. Are you comfortable in it? Probably yes, so keep developing your work with the professionalism with which you do it now and you will arrive as far as your capacity allows you.

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