Pisces Weekly Horoscope | 03 to the 09 of July

The stars warn all people born under this sign that this week the most important thing is to stay calm and not enter into discussions.

Horoscope weekly Pisces

03 to 09 July

This week, you need to prioritize your mother's health, otherwise you could suffer health ailments. You will have indulgences in discussions and confrontations in your domestic life, and because of this, you will have a lack of peace of mind. It is a good period of time for your career, since you could have an increase in prestige and position in your workplace. In addition, the chances of obtaining a promotion or increase are very high. You can go on long trips. Your father may have to face minor health problems during this week, but the life of your brothers would be full of comforts and luxuries. You will be friends with many people and you will dominate your enemies. You could acquire some property, and your spouse could gain a position at work. Students will do well in their studies, and your children will have a comfortable week.

The stars warn all people born under this sign that this week the most important thing is to stay calm and not enter into discussions. In the workplace, will occur over the next few days a fact that in principle you think will be extremely negative for your career, however, time will show that it is not. In the economic field, your budget will slowly improve and in a few months it will be completely stabilized. In the field of finance and business, your commercial enterprise prospers and consolidates little by little in the market. However, this week a person will appear who will propose a society offering you the possibility of reaching your economic goals more quickly.

Do not accept this proposal, there are no bad intentions or deceptions in the proposal but for various reasons you will not do well economically if you accept it. In the love field, the Pisces man will have a stormy week. You feel alone in the midst of a crisis you are going through with your partner. You have turned to some friends who have in common to serve as mediators but it has not helped. You and your partner are the only ones who can do something to save the relationship, if you can not do it, nobody else will.

For your part, the Pisces woman will feel trapped by a situation she did not seek, due to an accidental fact that occurred in your life and that has complicated your life as a couple. It's no use complaining, instead, face the problem and solve it

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