Pisces Weekly Horoscope | 17 to the 23 of July

The people of Pisces will have a very tense week, especially when it comes to labor issues.

Horoscope Weekly Pisces

17 to 23 July

This week you will feel as if you could conquer the whole world, Pisces. Your good energy will radiate and the good opportunities will come to meet you naturally. If you are in a relationship, there may be some changes about to take place with you and your partner, together you will progress towards a moment of greater commitment, Pisces.

Single Pisces, the movement of the planets in your letter indicates that you need to embrace any changes that come to your encounter this week. Be receptive to all opportunities and lean on self-discovery. Introspection leads to personal growth. You will be pleasantly surprised to realize how strong and capable you are, Pisces.

The people of Pisces will have a very tense week, especially when it comes to labor issues. In the labor field, it will be a week in which the people of Pisces should be very careful. A person with authority and power in your workplace will make an offer to help you with your tasks. However, do not trust this person because he changes his mind constantly.

If you base your plans on what she can give you, you can suffer serious complications in the performance of your tasks. In the love field, the Pisces man will receive some surprises during this week. You expect a lot from the woman you love. You are in a stage of your life in which you want to stabilize and project in the future with the person next to you and you believed that the woman you had fallen in love with had everything you needed to be happy. However, it may be that during the next few days you will have some disappointments and that you will not know completely who you love.

For her part, the Pisces woman will have a stormy week in her love life. During the next few days you will feel seized by distrust. You will think that the man you love is being unfaithful to you. The stars indicate that most likely this is true. Anyway, talk to your partner, plant your doubts and listen to their explanations.

There is a great risk of rupture or a separation, at least temporary.

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