Pisces Weekly Horoscope | 23 at 29 in October

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

October 23 to 29


This week, Pisces, you are probably going to discover that the fruits of your efforts are coming, you are going to see how the results are coming, almost without realizing it, since everything has been gradually in spite of the difficulties that have passed. It is time to enjoy the small things achieved, as well as the great successes, because in the small there is the beauty that sometimes is lost in the magnitude of the great.

You should be also during this week a little more patronizing and really appreciate the effort made by the people in your environment, since they have been working in your favor and not all the merits really are yours because they have arrived where you have come during this week .

We must also look for the balance of oneself with respect to those around us, because thanks to being a whole we can relate to others and know that together we have achieved being a nucleus, that nucleus that thanks to the effort of all we can call family, friends or neighborhood.

Keyword of the Week: Serenity

In the field of health,

This week, Pisces, you will enjoy stability both physically and mentally as you are completing past cycles. You are achieving the union of people which makes you feel especially good. You have started to achieve goals, so be prepared to spend a week in totally pleasant and satisfying health.

Key Word in Health: Satisfaction

In the labor and economic sphere

This week, Pisces, your eyes will probably be fixed on the following goals and objectives that you are going to put on. You will continue to be methodical, careful and constant, with enough patience to be able to achieve them little by little. Even so, you will have the courage to do little by little without neglecting other issues. It is a good time to plan goals within the work to ascend and be seen, and for those who are unemployed to set some goals, since they will soon be called to a long-term and well-paid job.

Key Word in the Labor and Economic: Constancy

In the field of love,

This week, Pisces, there are likely to be some vicious circles in terms of dependence on the other person. It is likely that your partner is giving a lot to your heart for feeling treated with your love, but you must bear in mind that you are promoting that giving and taking which, at the same time, is beneficial for both parties can be harmful by not allowing the absolute independence in the decisions of the people. You should keep in mind to leave enough space for your partner so that you can also develop independently of the relationship. For those who are single, it is a difficult time, since they will probably be involved in a vicious circle of dependency with the person they are courting, even without knowing if they are really going to be reciprocated.

Key Word in Love: Dependence
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