Pisces Weekly Horoscope | 26 June to 02 for July

It will be a week in which the natives of this sign will be forced to pay close attention to your health.

Horoscope Weekly Pisces

26 June to 02 for July

It is always satisfying when things come easily, but in most cases we have to fight to reach a goal. And there is a mixture of good fortune and hard effort in these stars. You can also find that a difficult approach is tempered by kindness and warmth, you will get the expected result. Keep this advice in mind if you encounter any obstruction to your happiness, success and peace of mind.

The opposition can be overcome and instead of hitting your head against a stone, find a route around it. Why have a headache trying to prove your theory? In the best case something beautiful can be born, but at worst, you'll have to let something go so you can move on.

It will be a week in which the natives of this sign will be forced to pay close attention to your health. The stars indicate that you will go through a period of great weakness, especially in the lung area and the airways. There is a great risk that Piscians will suffer from sinusitis, pneumonias or strong flu during this weekend. In the workplace, it will be an interesting week.

During the last weeks you have suffered very conflicting situations in your place of work. Some colleagues have behaved in a very vulgar way with you and this has generated an all-out war between you and them. However, this week there must be a truce because they will be commissioned to carry out a joint project. The stars advise you not to reject this truce, it will benefit you if there is a little more harmony in the environment in which you work. By working more comfortable and calm, all your concentration will be dedicated to your projects and thus you will be able to increase your productivity and stand out from the way you want.

You will not become friends with the people who bothered you but from this week you will be indifferent. In the sentimental field, the men and women of Pisces will have some surprises this week. There will be an event through which you will know a facet of your partner's personality that you completely ignored, which will displease you so much that you will start thinking seriously about drastically ending your relationship.

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