#Piscis from 13 to 19 for February

#Piscis from 13 to 19 for February

#General: Current energies indicate that this weekend could be very exciting with regard to romance. You may receive beautiful gifts! You will also have a generous attitude and you will prepare to give your love something very special. Valentine could be everything you want and more. This weekend, the Sun enters your sign to envelop you with vitality. Over the next four weeks, you will want to start up plans that you left in the background.

#Amor Couple: Relationship problems arise at inopportune times at the beginning of the week, which is not ideal at all. You do not like to talk about personal problems in public, but this time you may have no escape. The weekend is more calm and relaxed, but is it the calm that precedes the hurricane? You can not help but feel that something bad is going to happen, but it may just be your guilt. Tell the truth before it's too late.

#Amor Singles: How was your love life so complicated? Do you feel that you are completely single for a minute but then those sentimental thoughts about an ex make you wonder if maybe it was "the love of your life"? You do not have to know exactly what you are doing. It's normal to feel confused when emotions get involved, but use your free time this weekend to try the sea of ​​dating. It is deeper (and calmer) than you think.

#Profession: You feel more comfortable than most people being in the center of power games. Some events could deprive you of some important confrontations. You are likely to end up on the winning side. This period will be especially busy. There is a possibility that you may head off with co-workers who have different ideas about how to do things. Open your mind to innovative ideas. At is a good time for projects that integrate businesses with services to the community.

#Money: You may notice that you are giving yourself more chest blows than you should. Instead of adding to the recent disappointments with unnecessary self-criticism, see where the fault really lies. You may feel more stable than ever, and that can help you make your next moves. A good move would be to list financial support from friends, family, colleagues and mentors.

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