#Piscis from 13 to March 19

#Piscis from 13 to March 19

#General: The upcoming week has some very sociable qualities, and the more you concentrate on organizing activities and connecting with others, the more fun it can be. However, you may notice some resistance in a person with authority, and this could generate a discussion about a key problem. A tentative attitude could open the way for them to reach a midpoint that serves both parties. As for money, you may see an opportunity for your cash to flow more.

#Amor Couple: You are excellent in many areas of your life at this time, but how is your love life going? If you've been putting off the romance, the beginning of the week is your chance to rekindle it. You are a specialist in creating the right environment. The rest will occur naturally. An emotionally exhausting weekend could cause a pessimistic attitude, but nothing lasts forever. Do not forget that there is always a positive side to everything.

#Amor Singles: Have you been trying so hard not to contact a former partner? Have you been following that person on social media about to send him a message? Sometimes it is better to quit at once instead of trying to stop little by little. A nostalgic moment during the weekend leads you to question your romantic future, but you have more in the way of what you imagine. The best moments are coming.

#Profession: There is the possibility of a clash of fiery wills with someone who is as stubborn as you are. There could be a total misunderstanding or deception. Make sure that what you expect is what is really happening. Verify any important information before moving. This period can bring useful help to your rescue. It is possible that you have a stronger need than usual to break with what is expected. Be willing to change your plans at the last minute.

#Money: It's a strange week in your employment sector. Part of you wants to move forward while another part of you wants to stay behind, so it may be difficult for you to move forward on the various issues related to work. There may be some tension between your desire to advance your career goals and the reality of how you are currently projecting yourself into the world. It's time to intensify your spirit.

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