#Piscis from 20 to 26 for February

#Piscis from 20 to 26 for February

#General: As the Sun continues to advance in your sign, you may feel that it is time to start a plan that has great personal meaning for you. And while money may be a factor, it may be more important for you to return this dream to reality than to worry about your financial position. However, you may need to find a balance so as not to endanger your financial security. The Solar Eclipse of this weekend in your sign could increase your efforts with respect to this plan.

#Amor Couple: Do the right. If your partner is not having a good time in the first days of the week, give them your hand. You sacrifice for your friends frequently, why not do it for your love? You have the power to convince others of what you think at the end of the week, but do you give a negative message about love? Try to resist the urge to talk about your own relationship. You can make others misunderstand you.

#Amor Singles: You are a good person in the sometimes cruel world of dating, but that does not mean you have to accept every invitation they make to you. Find a way to reject someone with kindness if you really do not want to go out with that person at the beginning of the week. Your negativity could badly affect an appointment towards the end of the week, so why not accept a compliment when you receive it? You have more to offer than you can imagine.

#Profession: The week starts with a high note. Expect a good relationship with co-workers or clients. You may have to fight for something that seems obvious. There could be unexpected mechanical failures or errors in the communication of the numbers. Examine the details and give your best. This is a good time for associations and social events that support business interests. Do not mess with the thugs. Stand up and give a good example.

#Money: You have a difficult week ahead. You may feel as if you are driving in a particular direction - because you are. You are supposed to make new friends at work, find a mentor, or expand your job search to earn more money in the near future. The results are revealed relatively soon.

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