#Piscis from 27 from February to 5 from March

#Piscis from 27 from February to 5 from March

#General: When the Sun in your sign meets Neptune, your imagination could fly in the coming days and be a source of inspiration for your creative projects. You may also want to attend cultural activities, such as art exhibitions or music concerts, that touch your soul. But take care of your finances, since you could realize that an impulse purchase costs you a lot of money and leaves you with almost empty pockets. In the following days, Venus becomes retrograde in this same sector, which is why it is even more important that you take care of your money.

#Amor Couple: You deserve to be treated well, so, if your partner is not doing his job well at the beginning of the week, give yourself a little comfort. That your partner gives you a massage is fun, but that you also do a good massage makes you well. You have a lovely aura in the last days of the week and your partner no doubt notices the attention you receive from other people. Sometimes a little jealousy is good for the relationship.

#Amor Singles: If you do not have someone to treat you as a special person, do something nice on your own. Buy yourself flowers, make a delicious dinner, or splurge on something you really want. They are excellent ways to pamper you! You attract a diverse group of people towards the end of the week, so you have the possibility to choose when it comes to dating. Why not give a chance to someone who is not usually your type? Things could get interesting.

#Profession: Certain emotional storms could be just below the surface. Be smart, give your best, and stay out of the way of others in this powerful moment. A confrontation could have unfortunate consequences. The energy softens soon. This is a time of luck to get in touch with others and show appreciation for the people who see each other regularly at work. If you work too many hours, it is unlikely that you will achieve much. Relax after work and have fun.

#Money: Your work life may be more difficult than normal this week, but you are learning important skills that will get you up the food chain. Meanwhile, your career is going through a lot of changes. Take one step at a time for a greater reward.

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