#Piscis from 29 from May to 04 from June

#General: Be alert against misunderstandings with family members or anyone living in your home.

#Piscis from 29 from May to 04 from June

#General: Be alert against misunderstandings with family members or anyone living in your home. A lack of communication could put a little distance between you and the other person. If you keep the conversation flowing, you may be able to iron out those rough edges soon. If you need to be pampered after a busy week, look for a massage, spa day, or pampering session to help you relax. You know you deserve it!

#Amor Couple: Just because you have found love does not mean that you have to spend all the hours of the day with your partner. Taking advantage of the first days of the week to focus on your interests or individual hobbies will give you something to talk about when you later spend time as a couple. You do not know all the details of the projects or the activities of your love during the weekend, but you do know that you want to support your partner, because that's the way you are.

#Amor Singles: Are you a lonely person or just that you are alone? You may not want to spend your Saturday nights without someone else's company, but that does not mean you should hurry to find a partner. Having a warm body next to you is not necessarily better than not having a partner. It's just different. Say yes to a spontaneous appointment over the weekend. Not knowing exactly where things are going is stressful and exciting at the same time.

#Profession: Things finally begin to work in your favor after what may have seemed like a long period of false starts and disappointment. Establish as many contacts as possible. Travel plans, training and conferences support your long-term professional interests. Tolerates criticism, especially of people who do not share your idealistic and expansive approach. This is a fortunate time to do what you enjoy the most. An office flirt could take center stage. Make sure it is appropriate to continue with this.

#Money: Money is like water for most signs, but you prefer to use it to maintain your high level of activity in this world. This may mean that you spend money on leisure activities, such as sports and vacations, or to keep your body healthy and beautiful. This week, your focus is on paying off your debt and attracting new followers for a personal project. Think of saving an 20 percent of what you earn.

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