Pisces Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Weekly Pisces

Horoscope Weekly Pisces

21 to August 27

The solar eclipse focuses on your health - if you have been neglecting it recently, there could be a short, sharp wake-up call that reminds you to get back on track. Encourage a positive body mentality and be kind to yourself as well as disciplined.

Health, Pisces! On Monday, 21 of August the second in a rare pair of Leo moons new vines in his sixth healthy living house. It also happens to be a super-charged solar eclipse, so it has the potential to set you on a new path to body fitness of the mind. Whatever level you are in, it's the perfect place to start, so do not get caught up in what you did or did not do so far this year. The secret to lasting success is not being a weekend warrior or going to extremes. You want to add new healthy habits that you can stay with (because you really enjoy them, and they make you feel good), and in the process, you drop a few counterproductive habits. How do you like to move your body? In the gym, in yoga or Pilates studio, walking, running, biking or maybe salsa dancing? Whatever you do, do not buy into the "no pain, no gain" approach. That will burn you and probably bother you somewhere along the way. The sixth house also regulates work and service, so if you're self-employed, keep your ears peeled for customers looking for someone like you. In the market for a job change? Update your resume and LinkedIn profile and start spreading the word. For the corresponding full moon of Leo the next January 31 (a lunar eclipse), you could be sitting at the helm of your dream concert!

Dos becomes his new lucky number on Tuesday, when the jubilant sun begins its annual one-month trip through Virgo and its seventh house of partnerships until the September 22. During this optimistic cycle, you will gain clarity about the nature of your primary relationships. If you are single and seek to change that status, make a concerted effort to get out and mix more. Not everyone will be "the one", but the more you reach different people, the better your chances of finding someone who could have that potential. Since the critic Virgo rules this realm, pay attention to that inner voice that may be a little too quick to fire people by the way they dress or talk, for example. That is your resistance becoming known. Make a point of being more receptive and "liberal" in your interactions. Attached? You can fight to resist the launch in a "what follows" conversation every time you are together. But be smart and strategic, which is not the same as being manipulative. If you feel your partner is tired or irritable, DO NOT go there. Wait until both are in a good mood, and gently mention that there is something that you have been dying to talk about.

You will be all the business that starts on Friday, when structured, driven by the success Saturn resumes the move forward in Sagittarius and his career corner after a frustration of five months retrograde. If you have not been able to advance in some of your professional plans, have faith. With Saturn motor again once again, you will be able to change gears and hit the gas! This kingdom also governs all masculine things. Do not be surprised if useful men come to your world and offer to make presentations or mentor. You will have more chances to succeed if you have a detailed roadmap, so take time in the next week to write down your main goals. To stay motivated, make sure these missions are a sufficient challenge!

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