Sagittarius 2017 one year with endless opportunities

Sagittarius 2017 one year with endless opportunities

Personal Life in the 2017:
The 2017 is a year with endless opportunities for the Sagittarians. There will be a lot of energy that will take you to dig deep to achieve tremendous progress.

There are also numerous doors opening to new and previously considered projects, interests and associations. Forget about those preconceived notions of what you should do or have to do. This year, you can do almost anything.

In January, the conjunction of Sun-Pluto in Capricorn maintains your attention in your career and public activities. However, you do not have the limitation of investing your intensity only in your work. If you have a creative or other passion, you can invest your intensity in that too.

The 2017 begins with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, but the planet becomes direct in Sagittarius. Work steadily, but aim high. The fourth and last setback of Mercury manifests itself entirely in Sagittarius. Saturn is in Sagittarius throughout the year, so this extra period coming in December only improves your understanding of any situation that is developing around you.

When the Sun enters Sagittarius in November, the planets are scattered around the entire sky. However, there is a Mercury-Saturn conjunction that sharpens your mind and moderates your social activities.

The asteroid Ceres will also be transiting along the Lunar North Node in the glorious Leo Sign. Taking care of both you and your loved ones has never been easier or more satisfying.

Love in the 2017 - Couples:

Jupiter, your ruling planet spends most of the 2017 in the cultural and social sign Libra. Couples should be in the same line more frequently this year than ever before. Just remember that there is no need to compete to see which of you can be more generous or give more. Simply give yourself and receive love freely.

Venus will be retrograde in the spring, start in the productive Aries and conclude in the empathic and self-sacrificing Pisces. Give yourself time to recover from such a drastic change in feelings. After April, the temperaments should return to normal. In case you have felt like strangers to each other, for the summer, you will begin to fully recognize each other again.

Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, when Venus is already in the same sign. Love and your domestic life could be more serious, less frivolous or fun ... but much more attractive and affectionate.

Love in the 2017 - Singles:

With Jupiter, your ruling planet, in Libra from January to October, love relationships are especially favored. The dating world should be full of new faces, new voices, new and exciting places to go, as well as new interests and entertainment sources.

With the conjunction Mars-Neptune of January, the romantic fog could persist throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy sweet memories of the past, as well as the active search for your perfect and ideal love.

Venus will be retrograde from March to mid-April. Diminish the rhythm of your social life and let love be less urgent. If you are about to make a permanent or official commitment, consider waiting until Venus starts moving directly (after April's 15).

Jupiter leaves the attractive and pleasant Libra to enter Scorpio on October 10. Love becomes deeper and more serious. You may prefer the type of romance that is lighter and informal, but if you run into someone who is really worth this year, it is likely to be during these last months.

Profession & Money in the 2017:
Your professional and financial concerns are of utmost importance throughout the year. The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn shows that work is crucial and that financial success and security have never been more important.

Jupiter will be retrograde in Libra from February to the beginning of June. Both your partners and imperfectly executed plans could sometimes disappoint you, but by summer you will have realized the temporary solutions or budget restructurings that need to be made.

Saturn will be retrograde in Sagittarius from April until the end of August. This can moderate any excess enthusiasm or impulse to buy.

December could be the most stable, profitable and productive month of the year for you. Saturn will be in its ruling sign, Capricorn, until December's 19. Later, the Sun joins the December 21. Try to have a nice, comforting and affordable Christmas season to enter the New Year feeling good about your financial prospects.

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