Horoscope of Sagittarius today | 09 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Sagittarius today

09 / 08 / 2017

It could be difficult to solve the problems now with Mars and the Sun still moving your ninth house of legal and educational issues, but you must trust your intuition, even if it is not so reliable lately. If you are too quick to make decisions regarding work, a movement in your career may be premature. Your thoughts become love and this is a favorable moment to show any concern you have in your personal relationships. Agreements and cooperation can easily be achieved now and you must use the energy of the Moon that transits your third house to easily discuss your requirements in the business as well as personal needs and desires.

Sagittarius today could be emotionally confusing. You're not used to feeling dark or insecure, but that kind of feeling could come up now. The current energy is highly subjective, which means that you are experiencing the world from your own point of view. Logic and reason do not enter it! Try to see this as an opportunity to explore the inner regions of your own heart, which has its own truth, however irrational.

Sagittarius today taking positive control of the things that are happening in your life and in that of your family can be good at times, but you must also let others do their part and grow in this area.

Do not decide everything that will be done in your home, there are more people who can take the leadership from time to time, you must learn today to accept the decisions of others and follow them without problems, as well as they have followed yours .

If you have children, you should be careful with the friends that are frequenting, it is likely that today you witness an unpleasant situation involving your children and their friends.

You need to order your priorities more, you are wasting time on things that do not require so much effort, be aware of this.

Be careful with uncontrolled anger, can cause migraines at night.

Daily Meditation: Genius is just a greater aptitude for patience. - George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon

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