#06 / 03 / 2017 Sanitary

#06 / 03 / 2017 Sanitary

#General: You will have many ideas to invent new ways of working. But will others let you express them? The alignment of the planets will not make things easier for you on this day, particularly in the field of business. Therefore, it would be smarter to keep your plans and notes in the drawer of your desk and wait for a better time. Why do not you relax by running vigorously or playing tennis?

#Love: The introduction of new love interests can be good or bad, depending on your present situation and implications. If you have already been involved, enjoy flirting, but be very careful to cross the line and hurt the feelings of your partner. If you do not have ties, just wait to see what tomorrow brings.

#Profession: Your flexibility will be put to the test. The others are not willing to give in their position. Do not take the trouble to press them to take a new direction. This is not going to work. You are the one who must make the change and adapt.

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