#11 / 02 / 2017 Sanitary

#11 / 02 / 2017 Sanitary

#General: The composition of today's planetary influences will increase your usual way of working hard. With so much added energy, you should keep your health in mind. Do not overdo your enthusiasm to have everything in order, clean and organized. Make it a productive day, but notice when you must stop. It can be easy to get tired on a day like that too, but you will feel great after all this activity.

#Love: Today is the perfect opportunity to "prove" your connection. Sparks are going to fly without a doubt! Enjoy! It is necessary to sleep a little longer, since there will be endless parties. Get ready for wild moments with that special person!

#Profession: Keep your ears wide open, always. The fact that certain meetings or conversations are not about your particular tasks, does not mean you should not learn about other topics. The more you know, the better. Keep your mind alert, ask questions, and find out everything you can.

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