#19 / 02 / 2017 Sanitary

#19 / 02 / 2017 Sanitary

#General: It's time to find a new romance in your life and adopt a new perspective for your playful and girlish nature that simply wants to go out and have fun. The amount of years lived has little to do with the youth of your spirit. Keep your youth doing activities that you loved when you were younger. Return to a state of innocence.

#Love: Your silence does not help at all! Anyone there? You seem to develop a frenetic activity and take care of the outside world. Ignoring your intuition will cause you a lot of unnecessary problems with your partner.

#Profession: Everything is working perfectly in your life! You are in a very favorable position before others. You can achieve great advances in whatever you set your mind to. The spring that you were waiting for after a long winter has arrived.

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admin : My name is Morgana, I am a witch of 40 years, since I was very young I have been called the occult sciences and mystery, although in my family there is no history of it, but in all families there is the weirdo :), in mine It's me.