#27 / 02 / 2017 Sanitary

#27 / 02 / 2017 Sanitary

#General: You will feel very emotional in communication with others. You are reaching a low point in your monthly cycle, and you may be tempted to remedy this difficult time with large amounts of food or alcohol. Remember that it is okay to have bad days. Learn to love all your emotions. There is no point trying to hide what you feel. The aspect at play today indicates that you have a tendency to cheat yourself in this way. Be aware of this trend, and do not fall into this trap.

#Love: Give your partner the attention you want to receive and it will be returned to you, and the affection will never be so sweet. Your partner has reacted positively to you taking time out of your busy schedule to take care of her and she is giving you back love multiplied by ten. Keep it up and you will have a blessed relationship.

#Profession: You can relate to people that others can not. This gives you an advantage in the workplace. You have the ability to function as a true bridge between different personalities and perspectives. These skills will come in handy throughout the day.

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