Horoscope of Sagittarius today | 01 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Sagittarius today

01 / 09 / 2017

Sagittarius Today The future of your work is now bright with a bit of change in your routine and, if everything goes well, in an expectation that your salary could improve incrementally. In any case, money is in your mind and you have the willpower to make new things happen. Someone extends their hand in friendship or offers a key that will affect their future dramatically. Will you take it? Opportunities do not usually come along to consider it carefully. It should be noted the current trend in this area. Your past actions are now coming to an end and new opportunities are going to appear magically on your doorstep. An emergency sustains things for a moment.

Normally, you pay more attention to great concepts such as truth, justice, love and freedom that you pay to minor concerns. You think of a broad scale, and that is part of its charm. But today's grounded energy demands that you bring your focus down to a material, physical level. Maybe you need to be more serious about your career, or establish a budget. Do this work now, so you can dream again.

Sagittarius today the Moon that unites Pluto in its currency zone can unleash its discontent over its finances. What this influence is doing is making him see how his inner world affects his ability to manifest prosperity. For example, if you feel powerless to improve your situation, you will encounter obstacles that keep you stuck in a financial routine. The purpose of a Pluto transit is to show you what you need to free to move forward. Therefore, Sagittarius, what emotion, habit or belief is being activated that impedes your ability to create abundance? Taking some time for silence will help you discover the truth.

Sagittarius today you have the opportunity to give help to a loved one who is in a very big need, do not stop doing it, since your well-being could be in your hands.

If you dedicate yourself to the area of ​​health, today will not be a good day, you could go through bad times because of mistakes or things you could not foresee, do not let it affect you, you are not to blame for what happens to everyone world, life has a natural course that many times you can not stop.

A legal form about insurance that you have involved will arrive today, so do not stop taking it seriously, you must ensure your life and that of those who depend on you.

If you are thinking about what will come in your career, you will never begin to live what you learn, keep your eyes on the present.

Love needs more attention, do not leave aside the loved one.

Daily Meditation: The secret of getting ahead is to start. - Mark Twain

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