Horoscope of Sagittarius today | 25 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Sagittarius today

25 / 10 / 2017

Sagittarius today you may receive some kind of praise from your superiors for the work done lately, there are possibilities of promotion or compensation. You must continue to progress since you currently have several eyes on you due to the continuity of your work.

It is a moment in which you will have full confidence in your faculties, since they are taking you further and further away, do not settle in the current moment and move forward with discipline and inner strength to keep progressing.

Your encouragement
It is a time of growth, both materially and spiritually, you are working hard to feel that you are growing, do not come down or think that the task is heavy, since little by little you are getting up a long staircase that you know where It will take you through time.

Your encouragement:

Sagittarius today you may find yourself more dominant than usual, your words sound strong and reverberate in your partner's ears. You must be careful with these acts if you do not want a distancing based on hurting your partner with situations of too much control.


Sagittarius Today teamwork becomes a fundamental piece for your economic growth. You will find that you have finished dodging some fundamental pieces that did not allow you to grow and now you feel freer along with the beings that you appreciate, friends, companions and family. Everything is aligned so that you grow together economically.


Sagittarius today you will have the courage and fortitude to achieve impose yourself above others, standing out to call enough attention from your superiors and raise their interest. It is a time when work is not a burden and it seems that you can with everything that you put in front. Take advantage of this moment of strength to continue with your projects.

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