Horoscope weekend Sagittarius | 11 at 13 in August

Horoscope weekend Sagittarius

11 to August 13

As the planets change in your graphic this weekend, you may notice that you are a little more sensitive than usual, Sagittarius. If you are aware of this, this will prevent you from overreacting to things that would not normally bother you. If you are in a relationship and you find yourself in a rut on the road, do not play the game of guilt. Be a bigger person and let things flow if they do not present a major problem, Sagittarius.

Sagittarius bachelor, do not despair if you think you've lost your chance with someone you really like. If it is destined to be then love will find a way. Sometimes things do not work exactly as we want, and this is fine. There is a good chance that someone is admiring you from a distance, waiting for the right moment to make their move, Sagittarius.

After all that fog, comes a clear sky and a bright sun and a clear path ahead. You know what you have to do, where you have to go, who you need to be with and what you need to do with them. You will be able to get your concentration back, which will help solve all these problems that you have been ignoring. You have been so focused on having a good time in life and enjoying yourself that you have not really faced the things that have been bothering you. Be able to focus, you will have to take care of business, and you will do it like removing a blindfold. The sun trines Saturn on Sunday and the Moon moving towards Taurus.

A weekend a bit different to the weekends that are used to the Sagittarius, because they will have much to do and a great disorganization. And, we can not say that this is very typical of them.

Those who are going to be better this weekend will be those who are single and is going to be able to have all the time they are looking to be with their obligations and what they have to do. Those who are in pairs are going to need the same time, but they will have to deal with their partners and this is something that can complicate them, and much, the weekend. On the contrary, friends will be people to have close, because they will help us much more than we can think.

Ascendant Sagittarius: Getting your concentration will mean starting to see the truth.

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