Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope | September 2017

Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

September 2017

September is the last full month in which you can enjoy Jupiter, your ruling planet, in your eleventh house of friends and in any group of related ideas to which you can belong. At the same time, with so many planets in Virgo, the Universe is insisting that you keep your work orderly and even even. This will leave you little time to enjoy romance, but take advantage of the weekend from September 15 if possible. All the work and not playing around can turn your normally jovial attitude into a bit of a grumpy festival, so be sure to give some time, if not equal time, to your friends and lovers. Singles, if you have had your eye on someone special, the time to make a move is now. Jupiter will leave its eleventh house on October 10. This is a difficult month with many demands, so here are the best days to enjoy some time alone with your honey: the 9 and the 10, the weekend of the 15 to the 17 of September and the 22 of September.

Mars, Mercury and the Sun will occupy their tenth racing house for most of their September Horoscope of Hours, only to be followed by the support of Venus and the New Moon on 19 day. One thing that you should consider is spending more time, sharpening your skills, your resume, and your person to advance your career. If you can, schedule important meetings related to your career around the New Moon. It is the best time to leave. This is good news because, during retrograde Mercury, you may have felt that it might be time to move on or that you might have started to feel stuck. This does not apply to all Virgos, but it is still important to mention that it is a good lesson. When the Universe gives you the opportunity to move forward, welcome the help and get in the spirit. If you are one of the few Virgos who only needs a break from a less permanent nature, try the 15 weekend to escape and do what you like ... travel.

Ambitious Mars moves in its Professional Sector the 5, urging him to dream big in regards to his career. Request jobs that seem out of reach; You just might hit the target. If you are happy with your current position, you may be facing tough competition for a plum allocation. Never fear; By attending to small details and communicating clearly, the desired project will land. On the same day, Mental Mercury becomes direct in its Advanced Knowledge Sector.

Do not be afraid to demonstrate your superior knowledge when trying to advance your perspectives. The full moon in the 6to marks a successful conclusion to a family affair. You could find a dream home that suits the needs of everyone in your home. Alternatively, a relative could have an impressive achievement. It is even possible that you recover from an ongoing problem, paving the way for a better relationship with your closest loved ones.

On 9 day, Mercury moves to its Professional Sector. Talking to your superiors, giving work presentations and collaborating with your colleagues can cultivate a remarkable success in September. The New Moon on 19 day could attract a career opportunity, but it will involve tremendous personal responsibility. If you are not ready to sacrifice a large amount of your leisure time for work, it may be better to reject this job offer. Fortunately, funny Venus moves in his professional sector on this same day, which allows him to maintain good relationships, regardless of his decision. The majestic Sun moves to its Social Sector on 22 day, giving it an added dose of brightness that is more attractive. Ingenious Pluto advances the 28 day, helping you get more for your money with the October focus.

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