#Sagitario March 2017

#Sagitario March 2017

#General: The opposition between Moon and Jupiter from the March 1 gives you a clear look at how things are and how people treat you. Your work situation becomes more organized as the Full Moon of the March 12 approaches. Your home and family life can offer ideas that make you a more productive and impressive person at work. The New Moon of the March 27 promises great opportunities for fun. However, you will have fun on your own and will not depend on other people's ideas. It is very likely that others want to follow you in your plans. A party may be set up.

#Amor Singles: Dating and possible love interests find your most sensitive side as Mercury joins with the Sun in kind Pisces the March 6. You are not always easy to decipher, but this aspect allows other people to see your romantic potential. Mercury collides with Aries the March 13, which completely changes the pace of communications. You are much more likely to express your intentions and really do not care what others think of your romantic decisions. The Moon and four other planets are in Fire Signs on March 20, which gives you the passionate bases on which to build a new relationship. That the relationship becomes physical is an objective but not your highest priority.

#Amor Couple: The communication becomes emotional as Mercury joins the Sun in Pisces the March 6. Sometimes it's no use trying to stay calm. At times, getting everything inside in an emotional outburst is much better. Mercury leaves the quiet Pisces for the bustling Aries the March 13, so it's easier for you to express your opinion with strength and conviction. For someone who likes to keep everything casual, sometimes it feels good to defend what you believe. Four planets and the Moon are in Signs of Fire the March 20 and this brings infinite passionate possibilities. Is there a good reason to make you beg? Probably not.

#Job: You may make an embarrassing mistake in mid-March. Instead of blaming someone else, it is better to assume full responsibility. The days close to March's 12 may be tense, but you can get away from it by suggesting ways to correct the problem. True leadership means that you put yourself in the line of fire from time to time. Near the March 27, you may receive an unusual task that makes your creative streak beating. By giving an old formula an ingenious touch, you will get a financial and emotional reward. Do not worry if the traditionalists do not understand the meaning of your work. Most people will love it.

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