Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope | October 2017

Horoscope Monthly Sagittarius

October 2017

Those born under the sign of the Zodiac have to understand that you have to understand the magnitude of the problems to be able to face them. Sagittarians are generous, but not stupid, adventurous, but not unconscious, irresponsible at times, but not disorganized. In the end they are balanced, only that they should look for the things they do and keep an eye on who they have around to realize who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. This quality of being an observer or observer is very Scorpio, so if you know someone, it would not hurt to ask for practical classes.

Sagittarius October 2017

The tenth month of the year will not be to forget a valley of tears, but several problems arise, but as you always see the glass half full, you will not give it the importance it deserves. Do it before it's too late. Discover what the month of October of 2017 holds for the Sagittarians in health, love, money and work.

Those of the Sagittarius sign can be irresponsible and careless, two defects that can be very serious when applied to health. Throughout the month of September you have been feeling better because you have taken care of yourself as you should, and as the stars had advised you, but it is to find you well and return to the old habits that are so bad for you. You are not learning anything, and what is worse, they are putting at risk a health that depending on your age may already be somewhat battered. Be very careful with what you do and especially with what you do not do, because you need to move more, not run, but walk, walk a little harder, and if you can for money, age and health, sign up for a gym or the practice of some sport. It is worth bored, but if so, try something more entertaining as dancing or zumba or spinning. Go to classes with more people, and if you are accompanied by a friend or relative, better than better, so among those who are going you will go motivating and you will want much more.

Move your positive mentality to your body Move your positive mentality to your body
The thing is that although physically you are going to have your ailments, on a psychological level, the worry that you are going to have is minimal, at least in that aspect, because with other things you will have your head occupied. Other signs of the Zodiac would be crying and lamenting that everything happens to them, but you are so optimistic that you do not give it so much importance. The funny thing is that your modesty makes you think and say that it is not so bad and that others are worse, that it is true that many cases are like that. Anyway, you have to raise awareness and ignore the stars once. Follow with a positive mentality, but take advantage of being that way and transfer it to your body. Do you remember that of 'Mens sana in corpore sano'?

Those born under the sign of Scorpio have passed a good stage with their partners, however the stars already said that something could trigger a storm, and unfortunately this has been the case. You and your partner have not been careful with something, and now it will give you problems during the first days of October, since fortunately, as the month goes by, either you are going to overcome the problem, or you are not going to give it as important as to affect your beautiful and stable relationship. The pity is that in the sexual field you will not live your best moment, coinciding precisely with that issue that will generate some kind of conflict or tension between Scorpio and the person with whom he shares his life.

You want to fall in love.
There are also the Sagittarians who do not have a partner. Some do not want to have it in painting and they are happy in their solitude, they are going to give much more importance to the friendship throughout the month of October for a topic that will affect them, and they will feel that they need that friend or friend who is always there to listen to you. Sometimes a friend is worth more than a husband or a woman, and that or that to whom you have next is a jewel for you. Other Scorpios are single, widowed or divorced, but they would like to find love or have sexual encounters, which seems that one thing can lead to the other, but it is not always the case. The truth is that you want to fall in love, and you have tired of the sex of one night, the momentary pleasure and not remembering how many people you have been in recent months. You feel ready or prepared to fall in love, and there is someone out there who is making you feel very good and who could be the love of your life. Actually you do not know that, but life is risk, and if you want something, something costs you. Are you going to leave your comfort zone and open your heart definitely?

The money raised concerns for that close person who had asked for money. Finally you decided to do the best for both parties, but that has not generated new concerns. Whatever you did, you were going to think you were wrong, so do not give them more laps. What is done is done, and now what you have to do is bear the consequences. Of course, it makes it clear to your environment that it is not better not to mix money and friendship, because everyone can leave scalding without need.

A person from your job makes your life impossible. A person from your job makes your life impossible
That person of your work that has sworn to you is already embittering your life a little. You do not understand so much hostility, and the worst thing is that that partner or partner has no reason to want to make your life impossible. The thing is complicated, but the positive part is that you are going to have someone who supports you, someone who already appreciated and who will help you in everything you need and will face for you if necessary. It is very hard to find out that there are people who do not like us well, but it is something that we have to accept and protect ourselves from those toxic people who want to harm us. Of course, think that the really important thing is that you have someone who is willing or willing to help you and who will teach you the true meaning of friendship. Thank him as you can, because he deserves it.

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