Weekly horoscope Sagittarius | 03 to the 09 of July

During this week the people of Sagittarius will have to rethink the priorities in their life.

Horoscope Weekly Sagittarius

03 to 09 July

This week, you would witness some problems and conflicts with your close ones, due to your anger and arrogance. Your inflexible behavior could create problems and lead to conflicts with your partner. Problems for siblings are likely during this week. It is suggested that you make use of your wisdom to deal with the ups and downs in your workplace. Health problems can disturb your spouse during this week. Conflicts with people of the opposite sex are very likely during this period, and you are advised to do your best to avoid them. Long trips are on the horizon for you. You have to work hard to achieve the things you aspire to. Your determination would be high during this week and it would keep you moving towards your goals.

During this week the people of Sagittarius will have to rethink the priorities in their life. So far you have only developed your intellectual and rational part and completely neglected your intellectual and emotional environment. However, this week will begin a new stage in which you will begin to be more interested in your spiritual part. You will perform different activities that will help you discover your interior and to know you more.

As a result, you will realize that there are things about your personality and your behavior that you want to change, doing so will greatly improve your links with the people around you. In the workplace, you have finally found a job that you like and where you would like to develop professionally. You have put a lot of effort into your work, however it is likely that this week you will receive some discouraging news and that for reasons of downsizing you will not continue working in the same place. Do not let this small obstacle deviate from your goals, look for another company that is dedicated to the field in which you are interested and you will surely succeed. In the love field, the man and woman of Sagittarius will have a very tense week.

You are very much in love but you can not specify the relationship because your partner has difficult problems to solve. Probably the person you love is married or has some kind of sentimental commitment. He has asked you to wait, but you have been waiting for a while and patience is running out. The stars indicate that your partner will not solve their problems in the near future, therefore it is best that you forget this person and keep going.

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