Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope | 10 to the 16 of July

This week the people of Sagittarius will receive an impulse from Venus through which they can manifest their emotions more easily.

Horoscope Weekly Sagittarius

10 to 16 July

This week you might need to close yourself to the outside world and have some time for yourself, alone, Sagittarius. If you feel overwhelmed with your list of endless tasks, it's time to turn off the technology and recharge the batteries. If you are in a relationship, enjoy the little things in life. The mimes on the couch are the best, so do not take things as if they were taken for granted, Sagittarius.

Single Sagittarius, this week you may need to lower your expectations. While it is good to have great standards, you do not want to ruin your chances with someone you have just met and have not had time to know more deeply. Remember that perfection is an illusion and there will always be commitments to be made. Find someone who makes you happy and see where it takes you, Sagittarius.

This week the people of Sagittarius will receive an impulse from Venus through which they can manifest their emotions more easily. It is important that you learn to express your feelings, especially sadness. Sometimes, crying to relieve the anguish can make you feel much better. In the workplace, you will have a lot of work this week.

You feel that your performance is recognized and that all your superiors know how valuable your work is for the company. That's why you feel comfortable and safe. You have reached certain economic stability that allows you to make certain plans for the future, especially related to the home, a purchase of a property or a remodeling of the place where you live. However, the excess of work will make the spirits of all your colleagues are exalted and the discussions appear more easily, so try to handle calmly. In the economic field, this week you will be given opportunities that you had not sought or planned.

You have the economic resources but you do not dominate the area of ​​the commercial enterprise that they offer you. Do not reject it, look for suitable people in the subject that can advise you. It is worth doing it because it will be an activity that will bring you great economic benefits. In the love field, the man and woman of Sagittarius will be very demanding with your partner during this week. You are demanding a lot from your sentimental partner and the stars warn you that your behavior will end up causing a serious crisis in the relationship.

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