Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope | 14 at 20 in August

Horoscope Weekly Sagittarius

14 to August 20

Intense emotions make relationships difficult this week, at all levels. You want to spend some time alone, clearing your head, and that's fine. When dealing with others, look at your body language. You may find yourself as hostile, even if you are not.

If you could hide your head in the sand, that's something you would sincerely consider. Your personal life has had a few successes and you have realized that you were too careless with your work and you could have lost a couple of opportunities, you definitely lost some points for being too busy from here to there and waking up with the mess you've never had. a good way to proceed. Surely, the traffic jams, and road trips, and sex was probably all worthwhile, but the friends you left behind, the work you dodged or did not do because all you did was sit there and look at the wall. Now you're on your heels.

Friends are not happy with you, co-workers and bosses are not too impressed with your work ethic, or your productivity and now you have a big problem that you need to fix. You want to hide under your workspace instead of dealing with this, however, especially because you do not know how much burden you are willing to bear. You prefer to shrug it off, say you had an affair, and you want the people in your life to support you more when you're in your little world, in the clouds and at the time of your life. You do not like the appearance that everyone thought you were incapable and then you go ahead and show it to you and you feel stupid about it, but at the same time you do not want to regret it, so it's very frustrating. The Moon begins the week in Taurus and you can not believe the mistakes that people think you have made. The Moon moves to Gemini on Tuesday and you know that everything is a matter of perception, you have not been as bad as you think. The Moon moves to Cancer on Thursday while Venus square to Jupiter brings insincerity. Venus is quincunx to Saturn on Friday bringing the isolation. The Moon moves to Leo on Saturday as Mars is sextile to Jupiter bringing trust and forgiveness.

As for the social sphere, this week the people of Sagittarius will have a strong desire to leave, to leave their habitual withdrawal and to expand their circle of friends. You will start a group activity linked to sports and nature. In the workplace it will be a difficult week. Your work environment will be full of aggressive answers and tensions.

However, none of the inconveniences that arise in the course of the next few days will be directly related to you. The problems will affect your coworkers, however, you should not get involved in issues that do not concern you. Do not intervene to defend people who know perfectly well that they would not intercede for you if you were to be involved in a complicated situation. Concentrate on your work and stay away from any conflict. In the financial and business field, after many negotiations you will achieve an agreement that apparently will be very beneficial for you, however be careful because there is a double intention or something dark in that agreement.

In the economic field, it will be an excellent week. The people of Sagittarius have gone through a cycle of economic hardship. However, during this week the money will begin to come to your life by all roads. The situation will not be solved magically, nor suddenly, but the financial aspect will be unlocked and the opportunities for you to earn an income will begin to flow. The sentimental environment, men and women of Sagittarius will live a week of great stability with their partners.

Take advantage of the weekend to enjoy with the person you love.

Ascending Sagittarius: If you could go back, you would. But what is done is done.

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