Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope | 17 to the 23 of July

This week the people of Sagittarius must have a medical check-up. For a while now you have suffered from back discomfort.

Horoscope Weekly Sagittarius

17 to 23 July

This week you may be dealing with a situation that arises from different gossip. Do not let what others say run your ship. Let others know that you are not interested in petty dramas. If you are in a relationship, the things between you and your love will be harmonious to enjoy the moments of calm this week, Sagittarius.

Sagittarius single, this week you need to go out and mix with similar minded people who share your interests. When you do this, your social circle will expand. Someone can show interest in you, so be receptive to love and other good things that come to meet you, Sagittarius.

This week the people of Sagittarius must have a medical check-up. For a while now you have suffered from back discomfort. Consult a doctor because the problem may be aggravated by the extreme exercise you are undergoing. In the workplace, it will be a tense week for the people of Sagittarius.

You have been struggling a lot during the last year because you aspired to obtain an important position within your workplace. However, during the next few days there will be a great commotion due to an error that will be committed by a person in charge. This will make you think that all the effort you put into your tasks has been useless but it will not be like that. Despite today's incident, your superiors continue to consider you a great candidate for the position you crave. In the sentimental field, the man from Sagittarius will have a very hot week.

During the next few days you will receive the influence of Venus and that will greatly stimulate your sexuality. You will live special nights in which you will enjoy intimate moments very intense either with your partner, or if you are, only with someone you will meet fortuitously and that you will not see again. The advice is not to let this night pass because you will experience unique sensations and you will know aspects of your own sexuality that you did not know. For its part, the woman of Sagittarius will have many arguments and disagreements with her partner during this week. You have reached a point where your relationship does not make you happy and during the next few days you will understand how useless it is to be involved in a relationship of these characteristics.

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