Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope | 18 to the September 24

Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope

September 18 to 24

A fusion between love and work may be the result of the New Moon and Venus in Virgo in your career zone. Of course, you will find people who are in your field or at least share a goal that is important to you. Romance can come through a colleague or work-related activity, but you will have to set your limits if you receive unwanted attention from someone at your job. With Neptune nebulous in the mix, you may be sending conflicting messages without knowing it. Romance can come through a group activity on Wednesday. A quiet environment will inspire love on Friday or Saturday.

Be brave and put on the show in some way. Stop hiding your talents. Whether at work or with a hobby, be open to criticism and praise. You are much more talented than you think.

The people of Sagittarius will not have a good one when it comes to their health. As of Monday and during the next two weeks there may be some serious problems in the reproductive organs of both women and men of this sign. In the professional and labor field, the people of Sagittarius have gone through a stage of confusion and indecision during the last months. However, starting this week will begin a cycle where the alignment of planets will influence you positively giving you clarity in your goals.

From that moment on, you will know what you want to achieve and that will make things much easier. It is an ideal day for commercial transactions, the purchase and sale of real estate and the signing of contracts. If you were anxiously waiting for authorization for a loan, you probably have encouraging news during the next few days. Starting on Wednesday, a period that will last approximately three weeks will begin and it will be very favorable for transfers, removals or for those people who must settle abroad. Today reappear friends of the past with which you had stopped having contact by the constant jealousy of your partner.

You have a long relationship and you will begin to realize that maybe you have yielded a lot to the whims of the person you love. You are still in time to recover faithful friendships that will be with you in the most difficult moments of your life, take this opportunity and do not lose it.

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